About Me

The simplicity of black and white images has always appealed to me. As a child, I could often be found with pencil and paper in hand, drawing my favorite comic book heroes.

Until 6 years ago, the artistic side of me had all but disappeared until my wife and I became pregnant with our first child. I had a sudden urge to document her pregnancy and our child growing up. I felt the perfect media to capture this was photography. Naturally I gravitated towards black and white images and their minimalist aesthetics.

Through long exposure landscape photography I am able to eliminate a lot of the background clutter and create the types of minimalist black and white images I drew as a child. I find taking these types of images to be very calming, almost meditative. For the viewer, I hope my images provide that same calming and contemplative state and help provide a short escape from day to day life.

The entire image process is digital, both the initial image and post processing. The majority of my time is spent in the darkroom applying the creative vision to each image.

I am a husband, father and self taught photographer.